PRA Membership

Dues : $24 per year, the year is counted from the date membership dues are first paid, and lasts through the end of the same date the following year. A renewal reminder gets sent out by email 60 days prior to the expiration of their membership. After expiration members will remain on the roster but inactive for 60 days (grace period)

Membership is primarily managed through those wishing to join can sign up for an account, or login there.  You have to create an account to apply.  When logged in there is a link to apply for membership, Search for either W7PRA or use the code gtgxmrun543q6 . Follow the instructions to apply for membership. Dues can be paid online via PayPal. (offline payment will be covered later). Various information can be updated through HamClubOnline and it is recommended that members new and old alike take some time to review those potential settings and options.

Applications and dues can be submitted by mail to the PO box or at any in-person club function.

Peak Radio Association

P.O. Box 1743

Corvallis, OR 97339

For new membership, your name, callsign, and email are required. Please no not use email addresses until the ARRL service is working.  One-shot emails are not recommended since renewal information and password resets will be sent to that email. 

Club announcements, an event reminders will be sent out via HamClubOnline to the email address on file. Once logged in changes to the email address have to be initiated by the member through their account.

The club also uses a google groups email reflector. To get signed up the easiest way is to use the "Send Message to Club Management" link in HamClubOnline